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It’s okay to drool
Shawty just lookin for a simple convo that’s all… Fwm ! Lol 😁
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chanel-champagne: xox
If ya not a bitch nigga follow me on IG @Selda361_  @Selda361_ @Selda361_ @Selda361_ Lol I’ll follow back promise ! 😁😁😁
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when someone cries because you said something nice to them, they’re someone who you need to protect because they haven’t seen enough kindness in the world.

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  • Lol so growing up being Latina and all my parents raised me to stay within our race , well tried to... It's just how some Hispanic family's are i guess ... So the other day Im just chillin all hungover laying in my moms bed talking to her and it goes like this from the jump lol <b/>
  • Me: *looking thru JoeyFatts IG*
  • Mom: Mama why you like black guys so much? Why don't you date you a "mojado" or sumthin
  • Me: hahahahahahahahahahahaha wtf mom?
  • Mom: I'm serious, they are real womanizers there very slick with there words..
  • Me: Ma, all men are like that they all lie
  • Mom: that's true , but I just want you to find you someone that appreciates the things you do & knows how to take care of what's good...
  • Me: whateva you say hunnay lol I'll find me 10 Mexicans then...
  • Lol couldn't say dat the D just b to good for shawdy lolol

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literally all i want is to fall asleep on someone

that’s it

that’s all

i’m very tired and i want to lay my head on someone’s stomach and have them run their fingers through my hair and sleep

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My latest piece. @wickedfemales